Vanessa Di Matteo (Tara Sevak Kaur) is a Creative Entrepreneur, a Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Teacher,

 Reiki Grand Master & Teacher, Life coach and a licensed Esthetician and Body therapist as well.

She holds a certificate in nutrition and integrative healing.

 Her work is rooted in the embodied human experience, where thought is uplifted to a clearer view of spiritual reality.

 She’s the founder of ANUNA Studio, a virtual house for human beings to explore and deepen a more holistic approach to life.

Influenced by a prior career as a creative consultant in the media industry, 

Vanessa found that a creative practice is the ultimate source to intuition, inner wisdom and a higher spiritual path.

Through meticulous study of the mind & body connection, Yoga & Meditation, as well as the Food & Pharma industry and it's impact on the human system, 

she developed her own powerful attunement for the human body & soul; personalized methods, that apply a holistic approach to the demands of modern life.

As an artist, Vanessa finds expression through photography, creating and traveling.

She works in-person and remotely with clients.